Your Questions About Tomato Growing Season

Daniel asks…

What season should i start growing cherry tomatoes in Victoria BC?

I live in Victoria British Columbia Canada. I am wondering when i should start sowing tomato seeds.. also, they grow very closely together if you just sprinkle them in soil and let them sprout.. how do you separate them???

Martin Boyle answers:

You start them about two months before the last frost in your area. I used to put a couple of seeds in small peat pots and only keep the strongest one. There is less transplant shock if you can just plant the whole peat pot as opposed to trying to separate the small plants.

Chris asks…

Pinching tomato plants to encourage ripening of established fruit?

I live in an area with a short growing season…my tomato plants look beautiful, lots of fruit so far, but I am afraid to let them keep fruiting because I don’t want a lot of frozen fruit when the frost hits in September (like last year). Can I take the tops out of my plants to discourage new fruiting…tomato birth control, if you will..or is that not a good idea?

Martin Boyle answers:

Keep picking until you can’t pick anymore and then pull the plants out and get the ground ready for next year I always have to throw a few small green tomatoes away. I don’t like green tomatoes but some people use green tomatoes.

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