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Joseph asks…

any ideas regarding a pretty trellis?

I am looking for a medium size trellis for a pretty new climbing flower I just planted this spring. Any ideas, pictures, advice or suggestions regarding where to buy and what material is best for an outdoor garden trellis?

Martin Boyle answers:

I was able to search blueprint trellis and came up with a bunch of free’s a few:

hope these help.

Jenny asks…

Landscaping/Garden Ideas?

Hi! I have a small plot in my backyard that is the shape of a half circle. Its about 8×4 9×4 ish. So its not a tiny vegetable garden but its not huge. The straight side of the half circle is also one of the sides that create our square concrete patio. So it comes right off of the concrete almost creating this shape— [ ]D. I thought a path right through the center surrounded by flowers maybe with stones. But i”m not in love with the idea. I love colors, i live in in seasonal new jersey and the plot gets a good amount of sun with slight shade from a near by tree. Any ideas would be sooo appreciated, pictures would be beyond helpful. Nothing to extravagant though, i’m only 16 =]


Martin Boyle answers:

I agree splitting the space with a path would limit what you can do with the space. If it is possible to buy additional compost that is the place to begin. Most flowering plants need plenty of organics in the soil to feed them and retain water in the soil between when you water. Also since you have a lovely place to sit consider the planting bed a frame to your space.

Choose one or two complementing anchors to the site. Usually compact shrubs or a small specimen tree. I like to work with a vertical shrub rose that grows in a vase shape. Rising above the soft billowing shapes of the flowering plants, the more definite forms and striking foliage of shrubs and small trees can anchor the color themes of a border.
Just as a shadowbox organizes small treasures into a unified collection, a select group of shrubs can form a small bay to enclose and feature a plant collection.
To begin think on terms of a color you like such as bronze with old gold and earth tones. Or hot summer spices cerise, paprika, and chartreuse paired with deep maroon or burgundy. Next think of texture. Some leaves are so shiny that they seem to have a coat of wax; the glossy leaves of holly and the shiny foliage of Glossy Abelia. Other foliage absorbs light like velvet does, silver lamb’s ear can make a soft edger that invites fingers in to touch and calm down a bright riot of color.
A tall backdrop of Smoke tree, Cotinus coggygria, ‘Royal Purple’ or ‘Grace’ at one side and a Rosa glauca at the far corner set the seen. Plant a filigree of bronze fennel between to filter and add a translucent veil across the view beyond. If you banked the soil so it sloped up to the back it could raise the plants farther and cradle your patio within its arc.
Plant between with blue-gray rue [Ruta graveolens] or the hardy plumbago [Ceratostigma] with reddened foliage and late blue flowers.
For fill look up Achillea ‘Terracotta’, ‘Fanal’, ‘Faust’
Crocosmia’s, ‘Solfaterre’, ‘James Coey’ or ‘Culzean Peach’
Dahlias for blooms into September like ‘Summer Night’ and ‘Black Spider’ and my favorite ‘Bishop Landaff’
Include bulbs to begin the bloom in March with Iris reticulata, then early single tulips in April, followed by late singles that flower in May.
The Rosa glauca only blooms once so grow a little viticella clematis up its branches for a second bloom in the summer.

Another pair of anchors could be Rosa ‘Mutabilis’ and the stems of Cornus ‘Midwinter Fire’ for winter interest. With Verbena bonariensis between as the back drop veil.

Peach is one of those colors that complements so many others. Think of luscious shades of melon, apricot, and coral. Blue is the complementary color so imagine cool blue spires of Veronica incana and Salvia superba ‘Blue Hill’ in contrast in both color and shape to the soft rosy peach blossoms of rose ‘Pat Austin’. By surrounding them with companions that echo one or more of those tints, such as lilies ‘Alpen Glow’ or ‘Peach Butterflies’ and the summer foliage of Spirea bulmaldii ‘Goldflame’.
Set blue Color echoes in plants-pots of Nasturtium ‘Tip Top Apricot’ on the patio. For this setting start the season with ‘Gypsy Queen’ hyacinths and ‘Apricot Beauty’ tulips paired with a blue scilla or grape hyacinths. Finish the season with bronze balls of dahlia ‘Crichton Honey’ for a striking combination that lasts until first frosts.

Color echoes in plants.
Spirea magic carpet has cerise tipped bright gold foliage in spring that settles to a more subtle gold green in summer with dark pink flowers.
Dianthus gold dust- matches spirea flowers or the black-eyed magenta flowers on Geranium ‘Ann Folkard’.

Carmine blossoms Clematis ‘Ville de Lyon’ paired with
Wine purple English rose ‘The Prince’ or English rose ‘Charles Rennie Macintosh’ Clematis like to climb and do well climbing up through a rose or a small tree.
Fronted with Erysimum linifolium ‘Wenlock Beauty’ a dark-leafed evergreen wallflower. Bronzy mauve, buff yellow, and rosey pink 4-petaled flowers in spring. Trim back well after flowering to keep from sprawling.

Hemerocallis ‘Druids Chant’ & ‘El Desperado’ with
‘Ballistic’ a standard dwarf bearded iris- Yellow w/ striking, wide claret purple bands

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