Tomato Plant Disease

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Tomato plant disease.?

Tomato plant disease; I am getting nodules all over my tomato plants, on the stems and the leaves, starting at the bottom of the plant and working up. Whatever it is, it is slowly killing the plants. Some of the plants have the nodules on only part of the plant (such as the bottom part, while the tops look good).

Any help would be appreciated.

Tomato plant disease elimination?

Just saw a report on the news about that. Its in southern New York and its a blight.. [tomato plant disease] that turns the branches and then the tomatoes red pink and destroys them in matter of days. They are attributing this to the excessive rain we have been having. Its a highly contagious blight that can not even be destroyed with fire since the smoke carries it. The plants can not even be recycled in the compost as this spreads the blight [tomato plant disease] too and you will have it again next year! The only way to get rid of it is to put the infected plants in a seal-able plastic garbage bag and take it to the dump!!! They are comparing the blight [tomato plant disease] to the same that caused the great famine in Ireland. Some genetic strands of tomatoes are resistant. But most succumb to it and are wiped out in matter of days. You must deal with any infected plant in an aggressive manner. Soon as a plant has the blight [tomato plant disease] on it pull it up and get rid of it because it will spread to the rest of the plant no matter what. If you don’t get rid of the plant it will kill most of your tomato plants. The blight [tomato plant disease] spores are carried by the wind. Its not harmful to humans or animals just tomatoes and I heard it may affect some types of potatoes too.

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