January Garden Jobs

November 23, 2013 5:31 pm
posted by Martin Boyle

Garden Jobs and Projects for the Month of January

What can I do in my Garden this Month

Since our planet has such a multitude of micro-climates, it would be ridiculous for me to create a catalog of garden jobsĀ  that would cover everybody. Therefore this monthly directory is based on all-purpose weather patterns and growing conditions designed for USDA plant hardiness in zones 6-8. The majority of the information written here will moreover be informative for other areas of the planet using the preceding or imminent months.

Feed Our Feathered Friends!

On behalf of simply a small number of dollars you can feed a massive quantity of our feathered friends. If there is snow on the ground and you don’t own a feeder, a plain section of plywood, A scrap of carpet or even cardboard will create a very useful feeding area. It’s straightforward to clean it off when covered by a fresh snowfall, just turn it over. You don’t have to be a “twitcher” to take pleasure in the feeling that you acquire when you know that you’ve helped out God’s critters. Make this, one of your most important garden jobs.

Winter Gardening, Frost, Ice and Snow

Recently we had a small amount of warm days, and a number of my bulbs got the foolish perception that spring was in the air. Probably not a useful thought since more icy weather was almost guaranteed to occur. Add a little fertilizer and a thick layer of mulch to shield the tender recent growth. This is an exceptional practice for the branches of your discarded Christmas tree. In the event of snow, be certain to shake or brush off the white stuff from the branches Of your evergreens and shrubs. The light fluffy snow poses no real menace, But if it should turn out to be wet and frozen, the load dramatically increases. Branches are more brittle whilst the plants are sleeping, and the load of the snow could snap them off. The spraying of sleeping fruit trees, Cotoneaster, Dogwoods, etc. Must be completed this month. It’s also a useful period to prune the majority of your deciduous trees and shrubs. Forsythia, Jasmine, Pussy Willow and Quince sprays can be cut off and brought into the household right away for inducing to bloom. The heat in the house will bring about early blossom to your space. Fireplace ashes ought to be saved to make use of as compost for your Iris’s and other alkaline soil plants. If the ground is workable at all (not too wet or frozen), currently is a superb period of time to turn the soil over. Not only will this expose insect eggs to the effects of winter and hungry birds, the freezing will help to break apart weighty clods of dirt.

Indoor Gardening

Don’t overlook gardening jobs for your household plants! Dust on the plants can clog the leaf pores, so clean them up a little with a damp cloth, or a quick shower under the tap. Each time make sure you use room temperature water whilst watering or misting your household plants! Actively growing household plants will benefit from a semi strength dose of liquid house plant fertilizer. On cold nights, it is a helpful thought to close the curtains or blinds. By no means place your house plants between the curtain and the window! Make certain that your plants receive sufficient moisture, by setting them on a tray overflowing with moistened, clean stones, or by simply setting a container of water nearby. You can induce Crocus, Hyacinth, Narcissus, and Lily of the Valley bulbs into blossom this month. If you can’t take part in spring yet…. Fake it! Keep a close eye open for insects on your household plants. If you are fortunate enough to own a greenhouse, be certain to check those plants carefully too.

Gardening Tools and Tips

Some time this month might be well spent getting the backyard tools prepared for spring. Hone and lubricate tools such as shovels, hedge clippers, mowers and the like. Power tools such as rotavators and power mowers might benefit from a skilled tune-up… Replace with new, the oil,the spark plugs,and air filters. Could the fence use a fresh coat of paint? It’s not to untimely to start to think of a strategy for original spring plantings. You might aspire to create a small chart/plan of your backyard, and use it as a guidebook for ordering plants and seeds from the catalogs which will be arriving in the mail soon.

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