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Best Privacy Tree Hedge

January 14, 2017 1:49 pm
posted by Martin Boyle

Mandy asks…

What is the Best Privacy Tree Hedge?

Our neighbors apparently don’t believe in blinds, and we put up a fence already, but we can still see way too much of each other 🙂 What is best privacy tree hedge to put up that will grow fairly tall without having awful roots spreading out everywhere? We have mostly clay soil, and this would be southern exposure. Thanks!

Martin Boyle answers:

Best Privacy Tree Hedge

There are evergreens that can grow quickly including some arborvites to give you the best privacy tree house. Just keep in mind how tall it will get, how much shade you may be adding to your yard, and that the plant will need to be hardy to your zone. How high will you have to get the trees to provide the privacy you need? Keep this in mind when shopping for them. For large spaces try Pinus nigra ssp. nigra, Pinus wallichiana or one of the many ornamental Cedars. For smaller spaces try evergreens which can be pruned to keep in check, such as Prunus lusitanica, Prunus lusitanica ‘Myrtifolia’, Ligustrum lucidum ‘Excelsum Superbum’, Photinia x fraserii ‘Red Robin’ or Ilex ‘Nellie R. Stevens’. For something a bit more unusual, you might try the highly fragrant try Osmanthus x fortunei, or Camellia japonica in a tree form. How much do you want to spend? Places like Home Depot and Lowes carry a number of evergreens ready to plant.
Once you get your trees…keep them alive. The best time to plant trees is in the fall because they aren’t actively growing new foliage/needles and the trees can put all their energy into developing their root systems. Water the roots really thoroughly the day before you plant…this is very important as it will reduce shock. Dig the hole at the same depth as the current rootball but twice as wide. Do not add lots of amendments to the soil. You need to encourage the roots to grow into their native soil. Water the trees well and often. Hopefully the weather will help. Lastly, do not mulch up against the trunks or you will encourage diseases. Good luck.

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