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Gold Flint Gravel

October 3, 2012 11:28 am
posted by Martin Boyle

Gold Flint Gravel


Gold flint gravel is a very efficient drainage medium often used around buildings in sizes between 30 – 20 mm.  Pleasing on the eye as well as practical, these pebbles offer a most versatile solution in a whole range of garden settings.  The pebbles are predominantly of greyish brown though with subtle colour tones typical of the flint family.  Flint has been well known to man since prehistoric times because of their quality to produce and retain a sharp edge when snapped.  These however have been rounded by the wave action mixing sand and water as a powerful abrasive on exposed storm beaches, smoothing the material into pebbles which nevertheless still possess the same qualities common to all the flint family, durability, brittleness and bright texture.  Rounded by the seas in which the chalk from whence they came was laid down in massive beds over countless eons of time, the silica is derived from the calciferous shells of tiny, microscopic organisms which gave rise to the chalk itself.

Commonly found in Southern England along storm beaches, gold flint gravel presents the landscape gardener with a material that combined well with many other materials, offering the potential to create a natural garden evocative of holidays spent beach combing.  Build on this effect by adding driftwood and splashes of bedding colour and the whole experience beckons amateurs to become professional landscape-sharpers, passionate in their pursuit of the perfect balance between the natural and the built environment.

Decorative Driveway and Patio Red Gravel

May 2, 2012 2:15 pm
posted by Martin Boyle

Red Porphyry

Driveway Gravel



Red Porphyry, fiery as the volcanoes from whence it came.  Aggregated, crushed and ground to sizes from 10 and 14 mm, it is ideal ground cover, especially for creating a long, winding drive.  Acid, igneous, once extruded from volcanic vents, this is a stone that captures a moment in times long passed when the earth was forged in fire before the dinosaurs ruled the earth.  When the earth was without an atmosphere, pre-Caledonian of an era without calm and when water was juvenile and the planet in its infancy.

Crushed now, this is still a strong rock and hard enough to withstand constant movement yet subtle enough to blend with darker colours.  Granites in particular in their many hues, textures and grains sit comfortably alongside and stem from the same igneous processes.

It is angular, unweathered and sharp as the spiky plants that can be used to good effect.  Red hot pokers, red salvias, and strong, vibrant colours either inter-spaced or bordering a flowing lava stream of liquid rock that creates the illusion of movement and violence.  Not for this material the tranquility of a Japanese garden but ideal, in its place, to capture a mood of simmering creation.

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