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Gardening For Dummies Must Have Information

October 19, 2012 6:45 pm
posted by Martin Boyle

Sharon asks…

I am in the gardening for dummies stage… but I am lost as to how to even begin…?

I know I am in the gardening for dummies stage and that I want to plant tomatoes.. I know that it is probably too early in the season to even plant the seeds..
I have an area set aside that is 15ft in length and 10ft wide. It has a post in the ground that I could probably use for the vines to wrap around.. But that is all I know. I basically need gardening for dummies … lol
What else can I plant at the same time as the tomatoes? My stepson wants strawberries…

Martin Boyle answers: Here are some Gardening For Dummies tips

Your strawberries should not grow near your tomato plants. Its best if they have their own separate area. As far as other things that grow well with tomatoes, here is a list of good tomatoes companions:
1) Parsley
2) Asparagus
3) Basil
4) Garlic
5) Lettuce
6) Marigolds
7) Bee Balm
8) Beans (bush or pole)
9) celery
10) chive
11) cucumber
12) Mint
13) Nasturtium
14) Onions

The most  benefits of growing these items with tomatoes happens under the soil, but a lot of times you will find that they not only help with health…but boost each others flavor!

There are a few things you SHOULD not ever plant with your tomatoes
1) Potatoes
2) Cabbage
3) Cauliflower
4) Never plant tomatoes near a Walnut tree, the tree emits toxins into the ground that MOST plants cant handle. Tomatoes REALLY can’t handle it.

Hope these gardening for dummies tips helps, good luck and happy growing 😉

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Your Questions About Soil Preparation and Fertility For Root Vegetables

September 14, 2012 9:45 am
posted by Martin Boyle

Lisa asks…

My root vegetables are stunted in my SFG?

I have about 60 square feet of various raised beds and everything has been wildly successful except my root vegetables. Beets, turnips, carrots, even radishes! they don’t grow well, and are very undersized when I pull them. Last season I tried adding composted horse manure which everything else got a big boost out of, but not the root veggies. Next month starts “season” here in mid Florida zone 9 and I really want to solve this so we can have all these great veggies with the same abundance the rest of my garden has supplied. My gardens are 16 to 20″ high, the bottom is filled with various (free) compost, composted manures, dirt, etc but the top 8-10″ is Mels mix, with 1/3 each vermiculite, peat and various composts. As I said, everything else has exceeded my expectations – I still have some (browning rapidly) tomatoes in mid August, and they are usually gone by early July due to the night time heat.

any help will be greatly appreciated!

Martin Boyle answers:


Soil Preparation and Fertility For Root Vegetables

Proper soil preparation is very important in achieving success with the root crops. They grow best in a deep, loose soil that retains moisture yet is well-drained. Root crops do not grow well in very acid soils. Always remember to take a soil sample for pH and nutrient analysis and apply fertilizer and/or lime appropriately.The optimum pH range is between 6 and 6.5. Liming will raise the pH of acid soils.

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