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Your Questions About Onion Growing From Seed

August 12, 2012 6:05 am
posted by Martin Boyle

Daniel asks…

Onions setts in the spring – can they take frost or not?

Somehow, onions just seem like they are as frost hardy as cabbage, but I don’t have a lot of experience with them.

Most directions I see say to plant your onion TRANSPLANTS after the last frost. Do they mean, therefore, to plant them at about the same time as I plant my tomatoes? I started growing my onions from seed a couple months ago, and last year, I planted my transplants out May 25 or so, same time as tomatoes here in central Minnesota.

How about onion SETS? I grew some nice onion sets last year, and wondering when do I plant those?

Finally, anyone who really knows a lot about growing onions – I grew Candy hybrid onions again this year, and Lancelot hybrid leeks, and they look happy and vigorous. I also planted Red Zeppelin and Walla Walla seeds, and those transplants do not look nearly has happy and healthy as the Candy onions and the leeks. What is the deal? they all get the same care and all were fresh, quality seed from reputable sources.

Thank you!

Martin Boyle answers:

In zone 7. you can grow onions all year round. Even when it is below freezing, they stop growing and then resume when it warms up. I have been harvesting onions all winter.

Different onion types prefer different soil and growing conditions. Now that you have found the ones that do best in your garden, stick with them.

Normally the seedlings are germinated indoors in green houses and not acclimated to the weather when you buy them. As for the seed companies, remember, they want you to keep buying their products so they give you the optimum conditions for success in their instructions.

Here’s a video on growing onions from seed.

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