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Your Questions About English ivy

September 29, 2012 7:34 pm
posted by Martin Boyle

Sharon asks…

English ivy all over my yard – HELP?

I have a large yard with a variety of perennials. I also have English ivy in spots. What can I do that will stop this invasive weed without killing everything else? Pulling it out would be impossible (my yard is too big) …..and plus I’ve tried that in spots-it doesn’t help! Is there something I can spray on the beds and the grass to get rid of it? Or should I call Scot’s lawn service and have them get rid of my English Ivy?

Martin Boyle answers:

If the English ivy is taking over the entire lawn, you may want to consider renovating lawn. A reputable local lawn care company can do this, but it won’t be cheap.
The second, and cheaper, option is to hire a lawn care company (like Scotts) with a commercial sprayer to spray one or two applications of a post-emergent which will kill the English ivy and not the grass for a reasonable price.
To prevent future infestations of English ivy, a pre-emergent can be applied as well as an annual lawn care program to grow a thick lawn. Also take into account proper watering will be required to maintain a healthy lawn

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