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Your Questions About Gardening Ideas For Spring

July 24, 2012 3:58 pm
posted by Martin Boyle

Paul asks…

How can I prepare (fertilize?) the soil in my backyard planter for vegetable seeds this Spring?

I want to plant a vegetable garden this spring, and have no idea what “state” my soil is in. Weeds tend to love it, and it appears relatively fertile. Suggestions?

Martin Boyle answers:

Adding compost to any soil will improve it. Even if it is fertile, the compost will make it even more so!

By the way, you can find out the qualities and acidity of your soil by observing which weeds thrive there. I searched once about weeds and found the info.

George asks…

I need help planning a flower garden this spring!?

The way my porch is set up makes it hard for me to plan a flower garden. Instead of being higher off the ground, it is almost level to my yard. The concrete is about 2 inches higher than the yard, and there is a sidewalk going to it. Anybody have any ideas for a flower garden that would make it look awesome??? Thanks!

Martin Boyle answers:

Oh boy you are in trouble. You need soil retainers to hold 18” of soil and holes punched into the concrete for drainage. Just use containers.

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