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Your Questions About Permitted Development In Your Garden

September 1, 2012 11:23 am
posted by Martin Boyle

Helen asks…

What does ‘permitted development’ mean in regards to planning?

We are waiting to have a house built and have been told that until building has finished we have to have every ‘garden development’ passed by the planning board. I am wondering what this constitutes as, this is for Scotland. Does it mean things like an oak tree, sheds, ponds, concrete or decking. Or does it also mean bushes , flowers, vegetables, movable or temporary pet housing ie chicken runs that can be moved, rabbit runs, dog kennel that can be lifted etc

Martin Boyle answers:

Permitted Development usually means building a house on what was previously a garden – the situation where a house has a very big garden, and that garden is then sold for development and has a couple of houses built on it.

When it comes to making a garden, Permitted Development is usually only need  if you are going to do some serious landscaping, are building structures over 2 metres high, or want to remove trees – and there are now rules about concreting front gardens.

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