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Your Questions About Tree House Ideas And Plans

October 6, 2012 12:07 pm
posted by Martin Boyle

Robert asks…

What are some great tree house ideas that is cheap?

So I have a bunch of wood in my back yard and Ii have really wanted to make it into a tree house and  can you guys include a picture of the tree house that you suggest and can it have a deck sorry about being so picky thanks

Martin Boyle answers:

Kids Tree Play House.

Some homeowners like to build free form kid tree houses, but given that each situation is unique, creating a tree house plan is probably the best idea. You may be able to modify a pre-existing tree house plan to fit your needs, but be careful as even small modifications can change how you’ll need to attach your tree house to your tree and other posts. Several contractors out there have experience specifically in building a tree house. You might consider hiring a contractor to inspect your tree and design you a tree house plan. You can, then, build the tree house on your own without making an honest mistake that could endanger the well-being of your kids and your tree. Of course, these contractors can also build a tree house for you, saving you both time and inevitable headaches. They may also be able to construct a more elaborate tree house than your ability would allow.

Image from

Building a tree house in a week!

Please watch.


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