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Lawn And Tree Care Equipment

October 30, 2012 11:31 am
posted by Martin Boyle

Sandy asks…

What Lawn And Tree Care Equipment Do I Need?

Lawn and tree care -I need to trim corner weed from my lawn(weed eater?), AND over-hanging branches from my trees. What is the best purchase for these  lawn and tree care needs? All in one, or Gasoline 2 Cylinder each machine (not sure what to call the machine). What brand is good and durable ?

Martin Boyle answers: Lawn And Tree Care Equipment

I don’t know of any one piece of equipment to do both, lawn or tree care
A weed trimmer or weed “whacker” is good for trimming weeds. They’re the things with a long pole “neck” & a spinning length of plastic cord at the business end. They are petrol (gas) or electric. The electric versions are cheap (from as little as $50 on special), but you may need a LONG extension cord if your weeds are right down the back! Here’s a link to a Strimmer that would do the job.  Black & Decker GH710 GrassHog 14-Inch 6.0-Amp Dual-Line Trimmer
Tree care equipment for trimming a branch depends how large the girth of the branch. More than 3 inches or so you will probably want a chainsaw (VERY dangerous for the inexperienced). But about 3 inches or less a pruning saw will do.
Tree care is paramount when it comes to pruning your trees. I recommend you learn how to “undercut” if removing branches for a clean cut which is much better for the plant (& looks better too!)
select where you want the cut.
Come out (towards the tip of the branch) about 4 inches (depending on girth this is average), & cut under the branch about an inch into it. Then come back another 3-4 inches towards the tip & cut right through from the top of the branch.
Then go to your original cut point & carefully cut through here you should get a clean cut.
If you just cut through a branch the weight will snap it when you are about half way through  and  the bark underneath will rip a strip up the underside of the branch as it falls.
This is how to avoid it.

Here’s a link for an Electric chainsaw!    Remington RM1415A 14-Inch 8-Amp Electric Chain Saw

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