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October 5, 2012 2:35 pm
posted by Martin Boyle

Betty asks…

My dog, who lives outside, is always digging out. I need to find a way to keep her in! Any suggestions?

OK, so I have a mixed pit/shepherd breed. She was the only surviving puppy out of two litters that an ex boyfriend’s two dogs had. So basically, she is an inbreed. However, she is very sweet and very smart. She is strictly an outside dog, far too messy and destructive to allow inside the house. The only time I let her in is when it rains or is really cold, but never over night. I am thinking about getting a kennel so that I can keep her in overnight. My cat is strictly inside and is 4 years older than my dog, so she reins in the home. Anyhow, Desiree, my dog, is always digging holes and running through the neighborhood and when I try to catch her, she slides by me quickly and darts into the dark. My neighbors are angry, I’m sure. Desiree also barks very loudly and constantly. I hate getting out of my house at 2am because I am 24, female, and live alone. But last night, I was forced to face my fears because my annoying mutt (God love her) wouldn’t keep her mouth shut!! I don’t want to give her up, as I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of a ‘family member’. I love her and wish she could be more calm so that I could love on her, etc. Instead, she is a wild stallion who plans on running the neighborhood, destroying everything in her path. I have a huge fenced in yard and yet, she wants to be on the outside. That’s just not acceptable. My neighbors want me to bring her inside….OK, DEFINITELY not acceptable. I don’t know of anywhere that sells tie outs. Does anyone know where I can get these? Petsmart is a def. no, which is very odd. Someone help, please! And if you have other suggestions that may help me, please feel free to enter them. Thanks!

Martin Boyle answers:

Tie outs can be bought at tractor Supply Company or at wal-Mart in the dog and cat section. Also they do make collars to stop barking dogs at night. They are safe and don’t hurt the dogs.
The other thing you could do is buy a electric fence to be put inside your fence so your dog won’t get near the fence to dig out.

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